Soha refuses to smooch Emraan

Soha Ali Khan who has done daring scenes in various occasions refused to lip-lock with Emraan Hashmi in 'Tum Mile' and her constant denial is delaying the shooting of the film. Emraan was shocked when he was all set to kiss Soha on her lips and she refused at the last moment.

Soha had recently shot an intimate scene with Shiney Ahuja in ‘Accident’ and she has also gone cozy with her co-stars in ‘Antar Mahal’ and ‘Khoya Khoya Chaand’. She even remarked that she had no qualm in doing intimate scene if the script demands.

Miffed with her attitude, Emraan refused to shoot the scene again. Soha and Emraan’s ego clash has been delaying the shooting of the film.