Soha, Kunal at film 99 bash

Soha Ali Khan and Kunal Khemu at 99 Bash


Actress Soha Ali Khan and actor Kunal Khemu were seen bonding at the Film 99 bash. Both of them looked young, energetic and raring to go with their careers. However both their careers seem to be on an unsteady path right now, so that's probably what they were bonding over. So will this off-screen couple..(before anyone jumps to any conclusion we only meant a couple at this bash) be seen in any forthcoming film together?


Sexy Soha Ali Khan


Soha Ali Khan's career may not be going as great as her brother Saif's career. But she can definitely take a leaf out of her brother's life, as there was a time when Saif's career too was not going too well in bollywood, until he got divorced and began seeing Rozza and now Kareena. So Soha, the moral is that the more upheaval and controversies in your personal life, the higher your film career soars. Soha you know where to start now. Is that why we hear that boyfriend Siddharth has ditched Soha. No, no Soha, you're supposed to do the ditching in bollywood.


Soha Ali Khan in purple dress


Soha was recently trying to change her image and adopt a sexy image to boost her career. But it seems few in bollywood have taken notice of this new image. Well Soha why don't you take tips from bhaiya Saif's girlfriend, Kareena, who seems to have got the sexy image down perfect. We're sure, going to be sister-in-laws can bond over a sexy makeover. Go for it Soha.


Kunal Khemu posing with a goatee


Kunal Khemu may have been around in bollywood for quite a while as he has been doing films even as a child artiste. He has done some good films as a child artiste but now that he has grown up, it seems like all the good films have gone away. Has Kunal lost his baby charm? Kunal dear, you need either an exciting personal life or some happening controversies, to get noticed once again. Take your pick.