Soha Ali Khan and mom Sharmila ignore Saif’s ex girlfriend Rozza

Soha Ali Khan along with her mom Sharmila Tagore attended the premiere of her latest film Khoya Khoya Chand. There was the usual assortment of celebs at the event, however one guest that stood out by her presence was Italian model and ex-girlfriend of Saif Ali Khan, Rozza Catalano. However what was surprising was Soha and Sharmila coldly ignoring Rozza without so much as a polite gesture.
Soha Ali Khan was excited as it was the premiere of her film Khoya Khoya Chand in which she stars opposite Shiney Ahuja. Her mother Sharmila Tagore was there to support her daughter, however her brother Saif could not be there. But his ex-girlfriend Rozza came to show her support towards Soha as the two were earlier friends. When Saif and Rozza were going around, Soha and Rozza were quite comfortable with each other and often chatted warmly. Even Saif’s mom, Sharmila had acknowledged Rozza back then when she was dating her son, Saif. However this time round things were different. When Rozza went to get a seat in the VIP section of the theater, she was first stopped as she did not have a VIP pass. But later as a friend spoke to the usher, she was allowed to go in. Rozza sat in the same row as Sharmila, however the latter did not even bother to glance in her direction.

Later during the interval, even Soha came down to chat with her mom, but even she did not bother acknowledging Rozza. This no doubt left Rozza in an awkward position and she tried her best to maintain a dignified look. When the film ended, Soha and her mom began chatting about the film but they deliberately ignored Rozza who finally left the venue unnoticed. It is extremely sad that Rozza received acknowledgement only as long as she was a part of Saif’s life, it only goes to show how fragile relationships in bollywood are. Actor Siddharth who was starring in Rang De Basanti along with Soha was also seen at the premiere of Khoya Khoya Chand. According to rumours, Soha and Siddharth are seeing each other since quite some time.