Soha Ali Khan accepts dating Kunal Khemu

After breaking up with Siddharth, Soha Ali Khan has started seeing Kunal Khemu. Soha who is very enigmatic about her personal life gets candid this time and openly declares that she is seeing Kunal Khemu.

Confirming her relationship with Kunal, the actress said, “I am seeing a wonderful actor called Kunal Khemu. And he is lovely. It’s not a secret, but it’s not something that I am going around announcing either. You know, we both are young and both are in films, both are exploring films, and we enjoy spending time together. I feel life is incomplete without having someone to share it with. Your happiness is doubled and your sadness, halved, when you share it with someone. It really helps in both situations – happy and sad.”

Is she fights with Kunal? “I fight a lot. Whenever we both are fighting, it’s my fault. I never admit it, but I argue a lot and am very difficult. And I’m very set in my ways,” replied the actress.

The good news is that Soha’s parents are also supportive of her decision and she strongly believes that whenever, she decides to tie the knot with Kunal, they will readily accept.