Sofia Hayat was raped by her uncle

Sophia Hayat, who is a British Asian model, actress and singer is an inspiration for many women. Sophia despite being a victim of child abuse, never let her past shadow her and rose independently to achieve success.

When she was a child, they were quite poor. Her mother used to make a living by stitching clothes. Sophia hails from an orthodox Muslim family. As a child, she was raped by her uncle. She revealed this sad truth during her stay in the house of ‘Bigg Boss’ She confided her secret in Armaan and also told that she had been in and out of several abusive relationships and she has now decided to put an end to all. She urged women to speak up against such violence. She also urged women to come forward in support of such girls or women who are subjected to such torture.

Sophia was first noticed on satellite channel Zee Tv where she hosted her own TV show for 3 years. The show started in 2000. The show was hit among British Asians. In July 2012, Vogue Italia named her as ‘Curvy Icon’.

She has also done a number of English movies and has sung a number of songs. Recently she appeared opposite to Abhay Deol in BBC adaptation of ‘Bollywood Carmen’. She has also published a book called ‘Dishonoured’ in 2009.

She debuted in Bollywood in 2011 in ‘Dairy Of A Butterfly’. She has two more projects in hand.

Sophia entered house of ‘Bigg Boss’ in a wild card entry. She looks toned and perfect.

About her diet, Sophia tells, “It's not easy for me to maintain a flat tummy. I have to be careful about my diet. I avoid too much of carbs - for example, bread, pasta, and chocolate. The only trouble is, chocolate is my weakness. Alcohol is also a big no if you want a flat stomach.

She also revealed her exercise regime. Sophia said, “Every week, I go horse riding thrice, do core stability training twice, and practise yoga once. And, if I am not too tired, I throw in a 40-minute cardio session on the cross-trainer as well. I have been training in horse riding for two months. It is excellent for tightening the lower body, especially the butt. In the UK, I was a keen fencer. I had to learn sword-fighting for an action film. It is also a great butt, leg and ab workout.”