Sofia Hayat evicted from Bigg Boss 7

Sofia Hayat is the latest contestant to be evicted from Bigg Boss 7. She was a wild card entry with Andy. During her stay in the house, Sofia had tiff with Armaan Kohli and few other contestants in the house. Last week was a no-elimination week but this week Sofia Hayat was asked by Salman to come and join him. Sofia celebrated her birthday in Bigg Boss house a day ago.

After a fight with Armaan, Sofia wanted to leave the house and Bigg Boss seems to have listened to her prayer. Plotting, fighting, back-biting were beyond Sofia’s capacity and she usually stayed away from all those.

Sofia, Kushal and Ajaz were not happy with Armaan’s re-entry in the house. The three of them had a fight with bad mouth Armaan and during the fight Kushal addressed Armaan Kohli as an old man.

Salman during the weekend the wow Salman ke saath lashes out at Kushal for calling Armaan an old man and asked the age of few contestants including Gauhar Khan.

Earlier in a task assigned by Bigg Boss called, ‘Speech Date’, Sofia judged the best male candidate who has been successful in wooing her. In accomplishing her mission, Sofia demanded a lip-lock from shy Sangram.

Sophia Hayat, who is a British Asian model, actress and singer is an inspiration for many women. Sophia was first noticed on satellite channel Zee TV where she hosted her own TV show for 3 years. The show started in 2000. The show was hit among British Asians. In July 2012, Vogue Italia named her as ‘Curvy Icon’.

She has also done a number of English movies and has sung a number of songs. Recently she appeared opposite to Abhay Deol in BBC adaptation of ‘Bollywood Carmen’. She has also published a book called ‘Dishonoured’ in 2009.

She debuted in Bollywood in 2011 in ‘Dairy Of A Butterfly’. She has two more projects in hand.

Sophia entered house of ‘Bigg Boss’ in a wild card entry. She looks toned and perfect.