Smita Bansal shocked at harassment charges by sister-in-law

Television actress Smita Bansal has expressed her shock at the dowry harassment and jewellery theft allegations levelled against her by her sister-in-law Megha Gupta. The actress said the charges were fabricated and was made to harass her and her family.

Megha who is married to Smita’s brother Saurabh has reportedly filed an FIR under section 498 (A) against her and her family in Gurgaon. In her complaint, Megha alleged that her husband Saurabh and her father-in-law forced her to take up a job and took away Rs 50 lakh from her. She also accused Smita of wearing her jewellery at a wedding in Jaipur without her consent.

In an exclusive interview with a leading daily, Smita cleared the airs about the controversy and said that she came to know about the FIR against her from media. She said that her brother and Megha who stay in London, have filed for a divorce there.

“My brother (Saurabh) is going through a divorce. Megha (Saurabh's wife) and he are settled in London, they don't live in India. The divorce is also happening in London. I don't know why we are being dragged into this. I don’t know how an FIR has been filed against me here?” she said.

Saurabh and Megha have been married for six years and they have been staying in London all these years, the actress revealed and said she has visited then only twice for a week, that too with her kids.

Regarding the matter of ‘jewellery theft’, Smita said, “I don’t know what she is talking about. I am an actress and I am very particular about what I wear. Most of our clothes for functions and events are done by designers. At times, we have to hire them. There wouldn’t be any need for me to take any of my sister-in-law’s jewellery and wear them in the first place.”

The actress mentioned that she came to know that the incident was of 2010 and said why her sister-in-law was silent for five years and spoken about it only now. Megha had got enough time in these five years to ask for her jewellery back if she has used them at all.

She also said that her father is a well-to-do man and has even helped her brother and Megha’s husband to purchase a house in London and also helped her financially when she was unmarried. So there was no need for him to force her to work and take money from her. The actress rather alleged that Megha was not serious about her job of a junior teacher in London and was doing it on and off.

Smita, who has worked in television dramas like ‘Balika Vadhu’, Kasauti Zindagi Kay’ and ‘Kora Kagaz’ said that she has consulted her lawyers for future course of action and has full faith in the judicial system.