Sister Riddhima visits Ranbir-Katrina’s love nest

Ranbir’s sister Riddhima Sahni has come down from Delhi to ring in Christmas and New Year with her parents in Mumbai. Beautiful Riddhima was spotted with husband Bharat Sahni and daughter with parents Rishi and Neetu Kapoor at Sashi Kapoor’s residence where the entire Kapoor family bonded together for traditional Christmas lunch. During her visit to Mumbai, she paid a visit to Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif’s love nest in Bandra too.

Before taking off to Bangkok for New Year celebration with family, she went during coffee hours to Ranbir’s new pad. Ranbir spend some quality time with his sister before flying off to New York.

Ranbir is very proud of his mom and sister and he often heard speaking to his close pals about the two ladies of his life whom he loves and respect a lot. Neetu and Riddhima is a complete homemaker and the actor wants his bride should also posses the qualities and value system of his mom and sister.

Rubbishing media’s wrong speculation about Kapoor family disliking Katrina, Riddhima once took a stand in the affair. She took one such hater and let the person know that such speculations and ideas are completely baseless and in bad taste. The fact that Riddhima came out so strongly in support of her brother and her girlfriend has gone a long way towards dispelling any rumours regarding the family disharmony about this issue.

Some time previously Ranbir’s cousin Kareena had openly referred to the Ranbir Kat relationship on an episode of ‘Koffee with Karan’ where she went as far as to describe Katrina as her sister in law. So, Riddhima is the second person in the family to come out in support of the relationship.

Some time previously, in an interview to Hindustan Times, Riddhima had said about the romance, "I have met Katrina, and she is a lovely girl. Beyond that, I really have no idea." But whether she knows anything about the future or not, she has certainly silenced the rumour mongers for the time being with her strong support of Ranbir and Kat.