Sister Rangoli denies reports of fall-out with Kangana Ranaut

Off late report of tussle between Kangana Ranaut and her sister Rangoli is doing round the net. It is buzzed that Rangoli, who is pregnant with her first child has been thrown out from the post of manager and in her place Kangana has appointed her brother Akshit.

However, Rangoli has vehemently denied the reports of any fallout and said that she'll always be by Kangana's side.

"I have been by Kangana's side ever since she started off as an actress. She has not only supported us but has also made our careers. I have taken a break from work since I am pregnant and have been advised bed rest. I am glad that Akshit and Kangana spend time out together despite of their busy schedules," Rangoli said in a statement.

"It is very sad to hear media talking wrong things about us. We have been brought up with great values and our love for each other is never ending. Kangana will always have me by her side and I shall be back in action soon."

Rangoli also took to social media to vent her anger against people who cooked false stories about her and Kangana. 

"And I am clarifying this one last time that I am pregnant and have been advised rest that's why not accompanying Kangana," Rangoli posted.

In a series of tweet, Rangoli Chandel slammed the media report.

#And I m clarifying this one last time that I m preg and hv been advised rest that's why not accompanying Kangna @upalakbr999@SaritaTanwar

#If our brother is accompanying her it shows the bonding and lov among siblings pl straighten your twisted minds! @upalakbr999@SaritaTanwar

#Anyways go to hell n live your miserable lives !!! U both deserve this !!@upalakbr999 @SaritaTanwar

The report of fall-out between Kangana and her sister started doing the round after the latter stepped down as the actress's manager.