Singh is Kinng Success Bash

Akshay Kumar at Singh is Kinng Success Bash


At the rate, Akshay Kumar seems to be dishing out one hit after another; no doubt he will soon be known as the next King of bollywood, displacing a well-known Khan from the throne. Well Akki’s line in the film, "The real King is he who fights for others, and does not bicker for oneself" is his new mantra. So while you Khan boys bicker and quarrel amongst yourselves for the top position, Akki’s already making a stealth climb to the top.


Neha Dhupia at Singh is Kinng Success Bash


Neha Dhupia, seemed to be in an extremely happy and jovial mood at the ‘Singh Is Kinng’ bash, we couldn’t tell whether it was because she had never been to a success bash which had her in the film or whether it was because the leading lady of the film Katrina Kaif was missing and Miss Dhupia was finally getting some attention?


Akshay Kumar with Producer Vipul Shah at SIngh is Kinng Success Bash


Director Vipul Shah is very pleased with Akshay, after all he does owe him the success of all his films and no doubt he is planning to cast him again in his next film too. Also if he casts Akshay, naturally he will get a package deal with Katrina Kaif included. So he saves money as well as is assured of the Akki-Kat magic and super hit formula. So what does Vipul care, if audiences are bored seeing the same couple on-screen, after all they don’t complain seeing the same script, same director and same story rehashed several times.


Kunal Kohli at Singh is Kinng Success Bash


Director Kunal Kohli came to share the success of the film Singh Is Kinng. But was Kunal really happy with the success of his competitor, Vipul Shah’s film. Of course, Kunal Kohli must be knowing that "All for one when it is success" and "all alone when it is a flop", from his own personal disaster "Thoda Pyaar, Thoda Magic". Kunal is also no longer sure of the Khan magic and hence was there to check out other options.