Singer Nahid Afrin not afraid of fatwa, Bollywood offers support

42 clerics from Assam have issued a fatwa against reality singing star Nahid Afrin but the young singing sensation is not afraid and said that she would not give up on music until her death.

“I was broken completely after hearing about the ‘fatwa’. But I am not going to stop singing. I have received hundreds of calls and messages from the people of Assam and different organisations supporting me,” Nahid told the media.

Adding to it the young singer said, “I am a singer and music is my life. I don’t think I can survive without music. Allah has blessed me with this voice for singing, and I’ll die if I am not allowed to sing.”

Meanwhile, Bollywood singers like Vishal Dadlani and Salim Merchant have come out in support of the young talent. Talking to Salim Merchant said, “What do I say? This keeps happening in our country, in our society. I feel really sad that especially little girls are targeted these days, which is unfortunate. Music or any kind of art has nothing to do with religious misbeliefs. Nahid is a wonderful girl and more than that she is a very good follower of her faith, she is not at all against any faith. She is religious and a God-fearing girl. My full support is with her.”

“This little, innocent girl has no negativity in her. She is a lovely artist and very hard-working. She deserves love and support of every countryman. I have worked with her. Last year, we had a concert in Guwahati and she performed with us. So, I know this girl has no bad intention whatsoever. I can understand if an adult has some superior motives but she is just an innocent girl. I haven’t spoken to her yet. I will call her in a couple of days. Right now she and her family must be scared,” Salim added.

Vishal Dadlani who judged Indian Idol Junior took to his Twitter handle to exhibit his support as he wrote,” Anyone who tells a musician not to make music, doesn’t understand anything about spirituality. Shame on the people threatening #NahidAfrin.” Vishal also had a word with Nahid’s parents and made sure that their daughter does not give up on music because of the fatwa. “Just spoke with #NahidAfrin and her parents. They are standing strong. Told her that we all stand with her. She will not give up on music!,” Vishal wrote.

The singer was supposed to perform near Hojai in central Assam and in protest against the show the clerics organisation had also distributed some leaflets in and around Udali asking the singer not to perform. The shows was scheduled to held in March 25th.  

Meanwhile, several organisations and individuals in Assam have come out in support of the young singer and said that people of Assam will give her full security.

Chief Minister Sarbananda Sonowal on Wednesday tweeted: "We strongly condemn putting restrictions on performance by young talented singer Nahid Afrin by some organisations."

Nasreen has praised Nahid Afrin’s bravery.

"After getting fatwa from 46 mullahs in Assam, 16-year-old Nahid Afrin said she'll never bow down and will never leave singing. Bravo girl," tweeted the writer.

Shobhaa De tweeted: "Bravo Nahid Afrin. Ignore nasty threats and sing on. Your voice is a divine gift."

Paresh also posted: "Once again a shout out for award wapsi moron and jokers to take stand for Nahid Afrin!"

Union Minister of Law Ravi Shankar Prasad also extended support.

"I fully stand with Nahid Afreen. She has got every right to sing. We are proud of her achievements."

Politician Shazia Ilmi also called Afrin "a brave girl".

"All of us should raise our voice in her support! Down with Fatwa-espousing irrelevant radicals," she tweeted.

Cricketer Ravindra Jadeja questioned why celebrities are keeping mum on the issues.

He posted: "42 Clerics Issue Fatwa Against Indian Idol Junior Singer Nahid Afrin. Bollywood Is Silent. Presstitutes Are Silent. Liberals Are Silent. FOE?"