Singer Monali Thakur having a blast with German Boyfriend amidst lockdown

Few days before lockdown, singer Monali Thakur left for the Switzerland to meet her German boyfriend Maik Richter and due to the lockdown, the singer had to extend her stay. She is having a blast with Maik and his family in the Swiss Alps.

Sharing her experience in Swiss Alps, Monali said that restaurants, pubs or public areas are open except for groceries, banks, hospitals, postal services, etc.

When asked how she is spending her day, Monali mentioned that she is biking all day. She said, “I’m biking all day, and I love cycling through the mountains by myself. It is so amazing, being amidst nature.” The singer also mentioned that when indoors, she is recording some songs, and said, “When I’m not outdoors, I record songs in the home studio here. I’m also cooking for my better half.”

Monali also mentioned that her boyfriend’s family owns a farmhouse in the mountain region and it is very peaceful.

Monali made her relationship with Maik Richter on Instagram.  She shared picture with Maik and wrote,  “My Man, my Lou!!! That’s Maik my dear friends! @maaaik_richter #monalithakur #monali #love #hearts #inlove #happiness #happiestplaceonearth”. Then she shared another picture and captioned it as, "Gooood morning people!! Tripping on happiness at the moment! Hope you guys are good n happy too! m#monalithakur #monali #inlove #monamaik #love #happiness #lucky #bestfriend #boyfriend #madness #craziness”. Look at the hashtags she uses along with the snaps with him!

In an interview with The Times of India, Monali shared her love story and said, “I booked our accommodation online and Maik was the host. Though his boarding facility was booked, he was sweet enough to host me and my friends at his home. He gave us the bedrooms and slept on the couch! That was a really sweet gesture and we continued to keep in touch.” 

And Maik was asked what sealed the deal for him and he fell for her, he remarked, “I love the way she prepares dal. I can eat it anytime.” She added, “He is more Indian than I am when it comes to food. Once, we went to eat pani puri in Juhu and the guy at the counter was dishing out really bland pani puris. Maik was like, ‘Give me more spice’, and the chaatwalla told me, ‘Madam, inka pet kharab ho jayega.’ I just burst out laughing!”

Talking about their their cultures and backgrounds differance, Monali further retorted, “I come from a typical Bengali family. To Maik, even the English we speak sound like Bengali. He has met my parents and I have met his. His family is very sweet. They love my singing and even remember the lyrics of my songs. However, when Maik says Sawaar Loon, it sounds more like Sawari Loon (laughs!).” On being when are they getting married, Monali quoted, “I keep visiting Europe to meet him. He also comes to India and accompanies me to all my gigs. It’s going good and I’m happy to have him in my life”.