Singer Hard Kaur publicly abuses Sunny Leone

Indo-Canadian porn turned Bollywood actress Sunny Leone has been targeted very often for her past life.  The ‘Jism 2’ actress asserted that she is a soft target and do get frustrated. Now Sunny Leone faces the wrath of singer Hard Kaur. The singer publicly abused Sunny Leone.

Recently, at a media event, Hard Kaur said, “Agar main secretary hoti toh kitni sexy lagti, jaise chu***Sunny Leone” (If was a secretary, I would look so sexy like chu*** Sunny Leone)”

Earlier Rakhi Sawant had turned up against Sunny Leone when she said: “Aamir Khan Sunny Leone ko..?? Suno ek aur ek good news hai mere pass aaj - Rakhi Sawant bahut jaldi porn star banne jaane wali hai. I want to become a pornstar.”

The 'Dangal' actor came out in support of Sunny Leone. Praising Sunny Leone, Aamir Khan said, "I think Sunny conductd herself wid a lot of grace & dignity.I wish I cud hav said the same abt the interviewer," he said."Sunny,I wil b happy 2 wrk wid u.I hav absolutely no problems wid ur "past", as the interviewer puts it.Stay blessed.Love .a," added Aamir.

Sunny Leone said that she is a soft target and she is often picked up, “It’s an everyday thing now. I am a soft target. I don’t understand what they are trying to get out of it. I don’t understand what their mission is. They are being nasty just for the sake of it. There are so many issues like homeless kids, and garbage on the streets. Instead of attacking me, maybe people should start helping those kids, start a school for them, etc. I wish people would react to things that actually count. Why do you want to waste money on a parade protesting against Sunny Leone? Please use that money to buy books for kids”, she quips.