Singer Anuradha Paudwal’s secret daughter demands 50 crore?

Noted singer Anuradha Paudwal was taken aback when a Kerala woman named Karmala claimed that she is Anuradha and her husband Arun Paudwal’s daughter. The 45-year-old woman filed a case against Anuradha at the district family court in Thiruvananthapuram, claiming that when she was four-day-old little tot, Anuradha and her husband Arun Paudwal gave her away to her foster parents Ponnachan and Agnes.

Anuradha refused to react on the "idiotic statements". 

She said, "I don’t clarify idiotic statements made by a******s! It’s below my dignity. Thanks for your concern." 

Anuradha's spokesperson also responded on the matter and said, "This girl (Karmala) is a psycho. Anuradha's daughter Kavita was born in 1974 so Karmala's claims are false. This girl (Karmala) is mentioning Anuradha's husband but she doesn't even know that he passed away a while back and if Karmala is Anuradha's daughter, she should give Anuradha money and not demand 50 crores." 

According to reports, Karmala claims, "About four-five years ago, my foster father Ponnachan confessed on his deathbed that my biological mother was Anuradha Paudwal. I was told that I was four days old when I was handed over to my foster parents. Ponnachan, who was posted in the Army in Maharashtra at the time, was friends with Anuradha. Later, he got a transfer to Kerala."

She further said, "Now, we have decided to pursue it legally. She’s my mother and I want her back."