‘Simran’ trailer: Kangana Ranaut steals, gambles and flirts

The trailer of ‘Simran’ starring Kangana Ranaut in the female lead in out and audience will get to see a different side of Kangana. She is full of life in the film and lives life on her own terms. Kangana plays the role of Praful, a Gujarati divorced who sets to start afresh. She lives as there is no tomorrow. She is full of madness and does bizarre things.

Kangana’s character in her upcoming film, ‘Simran’ is too interesting to see. She is addicted to stealing and gambling, she even flirts and drink. According to her, ‘Ladka Patana is a talent, not a flaw’.

Directed by Hansal Mehta, ‘Simran’ is set in America. 

Going by the looks of the trailer, we can conclude ‘Simran’ is going to be a delightful watch. The film hardly has any dull moments. With every scene, new characteristic of ‘Simran’ unfolds.

It also has few actions and chasing scene. The film also also stars Soham Shah. Earlier, in the day Hansal Mehta captioned an image as, "The indefatigable spirit of #KanganaRanaut as Praful Patel in #Simran. 'Simran' is set to release on September 15.