Simi Garewal speaks about Yashji and Pamelaji's bonding

Yash Chopra’s illness and death has stirred the film world of Bollywood and here we are getting insights into his life to know a little more about the personality and his relationship with his wife Pamela. We get the information from none other than Simi Garewal, the beautiful and famous actress whom we know as the host to many talk shows.

The prominent TV host and Bollywood actress Simi Garewal and Pamela (Yash Chopra’s wife) are first cousins; there runs blood connectivity between the two, since Simi’s mother and Pamela’s father are kins. Simi, known as ‘The lady in white’ as she is mostly seen adorned in white, describes the wedding and relationship of Yash Chopra and Pamela.

Pamela and Yashji met each other at a wedding that was crowded with the Bollywood film folks and it was Simi Garewal who brought Pamela and introduced her to Yash Chopra. It was at this wedding that Pamela and Yash ji first met and this meet eventually took shape into a relationship resulting in them tying the knot and getting married in 1970.

The couple was then blessed with their two sons, Aditya Chopra and Uday Chopra. Both earning good from their filmmaking and acting respectively.

Yash ji’s wedding was one filmi affair, a grand one at that. The grandeur was something no one can miss in his films and so was the wedding. The event was loud with the dance and music making people groove to the tunes and Simi says- ‘I still remember actress Mumtaz dancing in the baaraat.”

Pamela was always in love with music and dance. She loved Punjabi songs and taught Simi to sing them with the right accent. Simi says whatever Punjabi songs she knows she owes them to Pamela. Simi Goes back to her childhood as she recalls how they used to learn bharatnatyam all day till 2 am during their holidays.

This rightly tells us what inspires the music in Yash ji’s films. Pamela used to accompany Yashji at the music sessions and recordings and also gave inputs on the same.

The Sudden Demise of Yash Chopra has left the Film Industry shocked and baffled at the same time. This being one among the great loss this industry has witnessed in the recent times.

Simi says Pamela was totally devoted to Yash Chopra, and he remained the priority to her.