Sidharth Malhotra pairs up with Anushka Sharma

Two of the brightest young stars of Bollywood, Anushka Sharma and Sidharth Malhotra are coming together. However, it is not for any film but for a TV commercial. They have been roped in by a famous coffee brand and will soon be seen romancing each other. Earlier, Anushka had also appeared with Imran Khan for a commercial of the same coffee brand. TV viewers will surely be eager to catch the TV ad. As per reports work on it will be wrapped up shortly. Fans of the two talented and good looking actors will now be hoping that they come together for a film.

Anushka is currently waiting for the release of the film ‘PK’ with Aamir Khan. She has been hitting the news regularly thanks to her publicized romance with ace cricketer Virat Kohli. Recently the couple was part of some controversy when it was revealed that the two had stayed in the same hotel during the Indian cricket team’s tour of England. As Indian cricketers are not allowed to stay with girlfriends while on tour, they were criticized. Some even blamed Anushka for Kohli’s poor performance in the series.

Anushka has reacted angrily to the criticism.  Recently she said, “I don’t even play the game, else I could have offered to retire…Kohli’s form dipped since last 6 months and suddenly I am responsible for it! Did anybody notice drop in my acting abilities in last few years and tried to hold Kohli responsible for it?”

Rumors about the couple’s marriage were also rampant last month. However, Anushka’s spokesperson rubbished the rumors. He said, “There are several stories online about Anushka Sharma’s impending wedding. However I would like to set the record straight that there is absolutely no truth to these rumours and I would like to request you to refrain from conjecturing about the same.”

On the other hand Sidharth Malhotra has been basking in the success of ‘Ek Villain’. After the success of the film he said, “I feel I’ve reached out to more number of people with this film than I ever had; so that`s exciting. Now, I feel that I am here to stay. More people think that I am here to stay and I deserve this place.” Before the release of ‘Ek Villain’ Sidharth had claimed that the film will help him to build a different image. “There is an image of what people perceive I can do a certain kind of a role only. To break that image is important. I kept hearing that I would not be able to shout, yell and do action. I am glad `Ek Villain` came to me.”