Siddharth Malhotra Talks About His Upcoming Film and His Life in Bollywood

The hunk with the killer smile, Siddharth Malhotra talked about his upcoming film, ‘Ek Villain’, his love life and tidbits about his daily life to T2 at Ekta Kapoor’s place in Juhu beach. He disclosed that his character in ‘Ek villain’ is “as black as can be” and he had accepted the role to show how he can play different parts. It is an intense and edgy part. There is almost no light moment. This is what makes the film a great opportunity to showcase the actor’s talents. How this film pans out will largely determine how the actor will choose his future films.
Talking about his love life, Siddharth said that while he is not in a relationship currently, he is always looking for the perfect girl. However, he does not have any particular preference. “I don’t know… I don’t have a ‘type’. As long as it’s someone who doesn’t have an agenda. I am looking for an honest relationship where we are together only because we enjoy each other’s company. There are interesting girls in all walks of life,” he said.
Asked about the woman of his dreams, the actor laughingly said, “I was a big fan of Kareena Kapoor and Kajol when I was growing up because they have personality and are very attractive. Somebody who has an interesting personality and has a lot to offer to a conversation would be an ideal woman.” He also cleared up the rumor about his relationship with Brazilian model Izabelle Leite saying that though they had gone out together, the whole thing has been blown out of proportion. The actor has no plans to marry right now.
When asked about his fitness and diet regimen, Siddharth said, “I work out four-five times a week. There is no fixed time… either in the morning or in the evening. I do minimum 45 minutes of weightlifting or at times only cardio. I listen to my body. When I am tired, I reduce the duration. My body tells me how far I can go. It also keeps changing according to the films I do.” However, he confessed that dark chocolate is his weakness and he cannot stay away from it.
Siddharth played both football and rugby while in school. He remains an avid football fan and has vowed to watch all the world cup matches once his film has been released.