Shyam Benegal rubbishes reports of Indo-Pak film with Fawad Khan

Acclaimed filmmaker Shyam Benegal has rubbished reports that he is producing a film starring Fawad Khan in the lead, to promote peace between India and Pakistan.

There were reports that Pakistani actor Fawad Khan was approached for the role of a musician in a film titled ‘Ye Raste Hain Pyar Ke’. It was said that the movie would be directed by Harsh Narayan, who has been working to promote cross-border peace for the past 15 years.

Amidst the escalating tension between the two countries and IMPPA’s ban on Pakistani actors working in India, the report had grabbed a lot of attention.

Talking to SpotboyE, Benegal said, "I make films with subjects which interest me and I write their initial scripts as well. When somebody brings a script to me, I normally say 'No'. But here's a young man (Harsh Narayan) who is dying to make a particular film, and this is how he uses my goodwill to having merely spoken to him?”

“I could understand if he wanted to involve me for mere consultancy to help him out, but I had clearly told him that I don't want to be professionally associated with his film in any capacity. What's his logic? May I say it aloud that I am NOT motivated to make a film to promote Indo-Pak peace," said the National Award winning filmmaker.

Benegal further slammed Harsh saying, “He asked me to produce his film and I categorically told him that his subject is of NO interest to me. Later, he told me that he wanted to associate my name with his film to raise funds. I surely didn't expect that just these kind of conversations with him would boomerang on me so badly. I am extremely upset with him."

When asked if he had spoken to Harsh since the news surfaced, Benegal said, “Of course I did, and I asked him that how could he go around talking nonsense. I have told him to come out and clarify but he still hasn’t.”