Shweta Tiwari wanted to divorce my son, reveals Abhinav Kohli’s mother

Shweta Tiwari’s personal life is again in the news. She has filed domestic violence case against her husband Abhinav Kohli. She alleged that Abhinav abused her and slapped her daughter Palak under the influence of alcohol. She reported to police that he is an alcoholic.

However, after Palak Tiwari came open about the matter, now Abhinav’s mother Poonam Kohli opened up about Shweta and her son's troubled marriage.

Poonam Kohli said that Abhinav is very fond of both his kids and has taken care of Palak as a kid ever since she separated from Raja Chaudhary.

"Abhinav and Shweta have been not been on good terms with each other, since last two years, but Abhinav tried to sort out things. He wanted to live with Shweta as Reyaash was too young and it was his dream to live under one roof with both his kids. However, things did not work out between them. Abhinav took care of Palak since she was a kid and Raja Chaudhary had left her. Even while she was in the Bigg Boss house and her mom had to travel to her native place, Abhinav was there to take care of Palak. From her school admission, attending parents meeting in school, to tying her school laces, he has done everything. They have conveniently forgot everything and putting such false and dirty allegations against him just because they want to get rid of him. She wanted to divorce him. I don't want to talk about it further," Poonam Kohli told The Times of India.

Poonam Kohli says that her son Abhinav Kohli has done a lot for his kids and she wanted things to get better between the two.

"We want things to get better between my son and Shweta Tiwari. We want to do it for our child Reyaansh as he is too young and I don't want him to get mentally disturbed. Abhinav has been doing a lot for his kids and we don't want to affect the kid's psyche. He is too young. The truth will one day come out how much my son Abhinav has sacrificed for both his kids," she added.

Following the complaint, Abhinav was arrested, interrogated and will be produced in the court today.