Shweta Tiwari undergoes eye surgery

Two days before entering the Bigg Boss house, TV actress Shweta Tiwari underwent eye operation for filming her first Bollywood item number. She had got an ulcer in one of her eyes. Shweta left no other option then to operate her eyes as she had to shoot the item number at any cost.

This is Shweta’s first Bollywood item song and she does not want to miss it in any case. She took the pain, operated her eyes, shot the number and then went to Bigg Boss. It was Maverick production's film ‘One And Only’ and she has shot the song with Chirag Paswan. Set in the village setting, the song goes as ‘Katto Gilheri Chamak Challo Rani.... Aasik Ko Aise Na Tadpaao Jaani’.