Shweta Tiwari tests positive for Covid-19, stays in home quarantine

Shweta Tiwari, who is currently working for the show ‘Mere Dad Ki Dulhan’ has been tested positive for coronavirus. She is in home quarantine. The actress has sent her son Reyansh Kohli to her estranged husband Abhinav Kohli while her daughter Palak Tiwari is staying with her mom. Shweta Tiwari is recovering at home.

Shweta’s co-star Varun Badola’s wife Rajeshwari Sachdev has been tested positive for the virus and he has taken a break from work. He is negative and his second test will be conducted. If his result comes negative, he will resume shooting.

The actress informed, "Yes, I have tested positive for COVID-19," she told ETimes. She has developed symptoms on September 16 and decided to get tested immediately. "I felt I should not take any chances. I headed to get myself tested", she added.

Talking about being quarantined at home with her kids in the house, Shweta said, "Well, thankfully I have sufficient rooms. So, I have quarantined myself. Palak is also very particular about social distancing. It's a tough time no doubt." When asked about Reyansh, Shweta said: "I have sent him to his father."

Till 1st October, Shweta Tiwari will be quarantined at home, she informed, "I am drinking lots of hot water essentially and reading a lot. I had symptoms for the first three days. I got tested on September 17. But now I am okay. I have to quarantine myself till October 1 at least. My next test will happen on September 27."