Shweta Tiwari in love with Abhinav Kohli

Popular television actress Shweta Tiwari confirmed in the Bigg Boss that she is in love with television actor Abhinav Kohli. They fell in love with each other while shooting for TV serial ‘Jaane Kya Baat Hui’. Their relationship is one and a half year old and marriage is definitely on the card as soon as Shweta legally becomes free from her first husband Raja Chaudhuary.

Shweta’s mother as well as her daughter Palak also accepted Abhinav and they loved him a lot. Palak calls in AB. Ever since Shweta Tiwari left for Bigg Boss 4, Abhinav Kohli with bag and baggage shifted to Shweta's house to take care of her mother and daughter.

Shweta confirmed on the show Bigg Boss that she has a boyfriend. An episode aired where she was shown talking about her boyfriend to Sameer Soni.