Shweta Menon's delivery captured by director, cameramen

Former Miss India runner-up and topnotch actress of Malayalam cinema Shweta Menon gave birth to a baby girl on September 28th at 5:27 pm in Nanavati Nursing home in Mumbai.

Shweta’s husband director Srivatsan Menon captured Shweta’s four months of pregnancy, her delivery and will also capture her motherhood for an important part of Malayalam movie Kalimannu, directed by Blessy.

The team of Kalimannu were present at the labor room. The director and two cameramen captured her delivery. With the permission of the doctor, three camera was placed inside the labor room. Present indide the labor room was Shweta’s husband, director Blessy and the two cameramen.

Shweta was taken to the labor room around 4:45 pm and the delivery news came around 5: 27 pm. Blessy said, "The camera kept rolling for about 45 minutes, ending with a scene where Shwetha planted a gentle kiss on the newborn's forehead.

Kalimannu revolves the protagonist (Shweta Menon) with her baby, before and after it is born. The film has set a new standard of reality in the entertainment industry.

"I decided to do this because of the message the movie carries," Shweta said. "From conception to delivery, it has been a great experience. I was determined to give a natural birth", she added.

Cinematographer Ravi K Chandran said Shweta has always been a bold woman who took unusual and unpopular steps in her acting career. "She was proving that the delivery is just another natural event in the life cycle. At a time when using condoms was an unpopular practice, she acted in a condom advertisement. By appearing on the camera at her most private moment on Thursday, she was challenging the conventional practices in Indian cinema," said Chandran.

Blessy said his team was preparing for a week for the shoot in the labour room. "The shoot began when she was five months pregnant. In an age when pregnancy and motherhood is sometimes mechanical, the movie talks about a mother's relationship with her fetus," he said.

Bold step! Congrats Shweta for the newborn.