Shweta denies link-up with Aditya

Debutante actress Shweta Agarwal who is making her debut with Aditya Narayan in ‘Shaapit’ denies her link-up with Aditya Narayan. Rumor buzzed that Shweta and Aditya were in a relationship and they even get cozy during the shooting of the film.

But Shweta vehemently denies any sort of link-up with Aditya, "Even I am curious as to who is leaking out this wrong information. We two used to hang out with each other after the shoots, but we are just friends. You know generally before the release of a movie, news do surface that the lead pair is seeing each other."

Shweta also cleared the weather about the intimate scene between her and her co-star, "There are no intimate scenes between me and Aditya. But there is intensity in the relationship that we share."

‘Shaapit’ talks about a curse that Shweta’s family is carrying through many generations and thereby making Shweta and her love life horrible.