Shruti Hassan lodges police complain over leaked photos

Actress Shruti Hassan has lodged a police complaint in Hyderabad alleging that some of her still photos were published on the internet without any authorization. An officer from the CID has confirmed the receipt of the complaint, "Following a complaint by the actress, the matter has been referred to the CID's legal cell ". 

The photos were captured few months ago on the sets of the Tamil film ‘Yevadu’. The shots of Shruti were taken during the filming of the item song ‘Dimple Pimple’.  Eventually the photos were cancelled for release because they were taken from “unflattering angles”. But to the dismay of the actor, the photos were uploaded on the internet by someone. The photos went viral making the actor extremely embarrassed. She felt that the circulation of the pictures would portray her in bad light and thus she had to resort to legal steps. She has requested the authorities to take quick action.

Celebrities are used to constant public attention and media scrutiny. But they also deserve a minimum amount of privacy. When a certain threshold is crossed, they are left with no option but to take some measure against it.  In Hollywood, controversy over leaked photos and videos are more commonplace but Bollywood has had its share of such controversies.

Last year photos of Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif, enjoying on a beach in Spain made their way into the internet. Katrina was captured in a bikini. She was upset due to this invasion of privacy and made her feelings known, "I saw the photos and reacted from the heart at that moment. I was upset, hurt and angry. I feel it was a private moment... So privacy was expected". Although sometime later she made things a bit lighter by asking for prior notice next time, "I was hurt but I also learned that next time please give me notice, I will wear matching clothes as red and white does not match at all, I know".

Few years ago, an MMS clip featuring actors Riya Sen and Ashmit Patel in intimate moments got leaked and became viral on the internet. However both of them denied being part of it. Recently director of the popular film ‘Jolly LLB’, Subhash Kapoor was in the midst of similar controversy. Actress Geetika Tyagi posted a secretly shot video on YouTube and Twitter where she is seen slapping the director over charges of sexual assault. Veteran actor Shakti Kapoor and popular TV personality Aman Verma were also on the receiving ends of ‘sting’ videos that were leaked and caused big problems for them.