Shruti Hassan caught in a legal hassle

Enchanting millions with her lovely voice and pretty face, Shruti Haasan is quite busy with a lot of projects in hands. But the actress’s busy schedule was disrupted when legal issues cropped up recently. The damsel landed into trouble when she was ordered by Hyderabad court to not appear in any feature film, until she was done with the shooting of a particular film. The people who created trouble for the actress are the makers of an untitled south Indian flick. Shruti had first agreed to star in the film. All the formalities had been done - she had signed a deal with the filmmakers and even sorted out the dates. But then, she suddenly opted out! The spokesperson from the production house reports, “We tried to reason with her and even suggested that she could shoot for 12-15 days instead of the agreed 20.”

This entertainment and media house in question is Picture House Media Ltd. Shruti had been roped in to play the female lead in the bilingual film. The director is Vamsi Paidipalli, while the star cast comprises of Karthi and Nagarjuna. It has been reported that the actress pulled out “arbitrarily”. The excuse she gave for the same was the dates clashing with her other projects. But while planning for this film in question, she had already discussed the dates. The schedule had been decided with mutual understanding between Shruti and the filmmakers. Moreover, the film had started rolling and even the first schedule had been completed well. Following this, came the unpleasant surprise to the cast and crew when the damsel sent out a mail. In the mail, she informed that she wanted to exit the project.

What she did is being called “unethical and unprofessional act”. The company Picture House Media Ltd. has had to bear significant loss regarding reputation and finances as well. The financial loss has been estimated to be in crores. But this is not all. The other artists onboard for the film have had to bear the consequences too. They had set aside their valuable time for the film, and here is Miss Haasan- walking out whenever she wants to! Picture House Media Ltd. then initiated criminal as well as civil proceedings against Shruti. The court then took legal action against her and restrained her from singing a new film until the court issues further orders. The court has instructed the police too for investigation of this issue.