Shruti Haasan undergoes nose surgery

Debutante Shruti Haasan is yet to get exposed to the world but the new gal has already started to make headlines. First, her bikini strip created news, second her talent in singing astonished all and now her nose surgery is creating hullabaloo. Where actresses in Bollywood still hesitate to reveal any surgery done on them, Shruti is bold enough to accept the nose job done on her. She has no qualm in accepting that before the shooting of ‘Luck’, she has got her nose job done.

Shruti claimed that it was not for any beautification but for medical purpose as for a long time she was suffering from breathing problem.

"It is true that I underwent a nose surgery while I was abroad recently. But that was because I had a medical condition that restricted free breathing. There was no other reason for that. Now, post the surgery, I can finally sleep in peace and it has also enhanced my vocal skills", quips Shruti.

Shruti had got the surgery done in the US. As Shruti is a band singer, before the surgery, she made sure that it would not affect her vocal chord.

How much talent Kamal Haasan and Sarika’s daughter got in acting and singing can be judged from ‘Luck’ as it is going to hit the theatre on July 24.