Shruti Haasan denies her involvement in Kamal Haasan-Gautami split

Actress Shruti Haasan's has denied her involvement in her father Kamal Haasan’s split with Gautami, saying that she has “never commented on anyone’s personal life and their decisions.”

The spokesperson of the ‘Welcome Back’ actress issued a statement on her behalf clearing the air over her alleged role in the split. The statement read, “Shruti has never commented on anyone's personal life and their decisions. For her, what matters most is standing by, loving and respecting her family - her parents and her sister, no matter what."

A few days ago when Gautami announced that she and the Tamil megastar have ended their 13-year-long live-in relationship, there were rumours that Shruti’s differences with Gautami was the reason for the break up between her father and the yesteryear actress.

Shruti is starring in her father’s upcoming film ‘Sabaash Naidu’, in which her sister Akshara is working as an assistant director and Gautami is the costume designer for the film. According to reports, Shruti and Gautami were not on good terms and often had arguments for various reasons.

Problem arose a few months ago, after Shruti didn’t like her costume designed by Gautami. They reportedly had big fight on the sets, following which the shoot had to be cancelled for the day. But later, both of them issued separate statements stating that all was well between them and the issue was sorted out professionally.  

Also, a day before Gautami announced about the separation, Shruti had posted a comment on her Twitter handle, which further fuelled the speculation about her role in the split between Kamal and Gautami. Shruti had tweeted, "It's amazing to feel a change occur within oneself- a realisation a moment and the start of a completely new perspective #introspect #live."

However, Gautami hasn’t mentioned Shruti’s name in her blog post ‘Life and decisions’, in which she wrote about parting ways from Kamal Haasan.