Against papa Shakti Kapoor's wish, Shraddha secretly meets beau Farhan

Shraddha Kapoor and Farhan Akhtar’s romance is going strong. Though papa Shakti Kapoor forcibly dragged Shraddha from Farhan’s residence, the flame of love is still burning bright in the heart Shraddha and Farhan.

On Saturday night, Shraddha Kapoor dropped in to meet her beau at his Bandra residence around 10 pm and to avoid paparazzi from being clicked she asked her driver to park her car outside her Juhu residence. The actress then made a quick exit from Farah’s house around 2:30 pm.

Lately, Farhan Akhtar and Aditya Roy Kapoor had a big fight over the ‘Aashiqui 2’ actress. However, the next day Shraddha met Farhan and Aditya too dropped in to sort out the differences and made everything clear.

The biggest hindrance in Shraddha and Farhan’s love story is the actress’s father and veteran actor Shakti Kapoor.

He is dead against his daughter’s relationship with Farhan. Shakti Kapoor disliked the fact that his daughter has fallen for someone who is much older than her and has divorced his wife and also a father of two grown-up daughters.

Gossip mills also churned that few months ago when Sharddha left her house to stay with Farhan, highly fumed Shakti Kapoor dragged his daughter from Farhan’s house.

Later both Shraddha and Shakti Kapoor denied the report.

Denying the report, the ‘Half Girlfriend’ actress said, "I got a message from someone telling me about this article, and initially, I was amused. While it doesn't make a difference to me because I know it's not true, it's sad that these false stories go so far that people forget we are human, too. Of course, we are actors and there will be people who would probably want to read something gossipy about us, but when it involves my father, my aunt and my costar, it's taking it too far."

She added that actors are always linked with other actors but it is wrong to drag family members into it.

"I was even linked with Aditya for a while! Like I say, actors are linked all the time. But when family members are dragged into it, it's taking it to another extreme. Yes, I am living in... with my parents! I was born and brought up in this house. It's a joke within the family that I will bring my husband home. It's because I'm so happy living with my family. I have a house of my own where I have my meetings and keep my extra stuff. I have no intention of moving out of my parents' home and moving into my own apartment, let alone someone else's!"

Dad Shakti Kapoor also denied the news.

However, when a popular tabloid contacted the 64-year-old actor, he laughed off the reports saying, “It's absolute nonsense. Shraddha is a wonderful kid and I asked her to not take such gossip seriously. I have been a part of the Hindi film industry for 35 years and have been a target of many such controversies myself."

Further clarifying on Shraddha’s link-up rumours, the senior actor said, “Earlier she was working with Aditya (Roy Kapur), she was being linked with him too." He also said, "I really respect Farhan; he is a really talented boy and comes from a respectable family.

Shakti Kapoor added, “All of us in the house share a warm, friendly equation. We don't hide things from each other. I know the day she finds someone and wants to get married, she will tell me. And if I like the boy, I will have no problems at all.”