Shooter Tara Shahdeo harassed by husband

In a shocking revelation, the national level shooter Tara Shahdeo was harassed by her husband Rakibul Hasab aka Ranjit Kumar Kohli on the pretext of religion conversion. Rakibul physically and mentally tortured Tara, deprived her of food for months and even kept her under confinement. He wants her to change her relation and change her name from Tara to Sara.

Ranjit aka Rakibul tortured her for a month, did not allow her to meet anyone and even beaten her profusely. Tara alleged that Ranjit faked his identity as Hindu and only disclosed his identity during wedding night. The duo entered into wedlock on July 7th and many dignitaries attended the wedding. Tara claimed that on the first night of their marriage Hasan called 20-25 Hajis and forced her to convert to Islam. When she constantly refused, he had beaten her up. Tara also added that she was also forced to get physical with him.

After month of torture, Tara reported to State National Commission for Women’s chief, Mahua Manjhi and BJP leader Ajay Nath Shahdev.