Shocking revelation: Pratyusha had to borrow money from maid

Police is interrogating each and every person related to Pratyusha Banerjee. With every new witness, new facts behind the actress’s suicide are coming out open in the air. Pratyusha’s former maid Renu Sinha informed police that Pratyusha was very depressed during her last days and her financial condition was so poor that she had to borrow money from her.

Renu informed that Pratyusha used to borrow money from her for cab fares and medicines. Despite being financial sound, the actress has to borrow money from outside as her boyfriend Rahul Raj Singh used to have all control of her expenses.

"Her financial condition worsened after she shifted to the Goregaon residence. Distressed, she started consuming liquor in the morning itself. For the last three years, she had not bagged any big project and Rahul would take whatever she earned through other work. She would send the rest of the money to her parents."

The maid revealed, “At odd hours in the night, I used to hear raised voices from the couple’s room. I wanted to rescue Pratyusha but didn’t know if it was right to interfere in a private matter between them. Whenever Rahul left home, I would coax Pratyusha into telling me everything. She spoke of Rahul accusing her of having an affair with her former boyfriend.”

The maid very often used to notice bruise marks on Pratyusha’s body. Renu Sinha also revealed to police about Pratyusha’s relationship with her parents. She revealed that Pratyusha’s mother Shoma Banerjee disliked Rahul and often asked her daughter to leave him.

Knowing this, Rahul would ask Pratyusha to cut off her ties with her mother. "Whenever her mother snapped at him, Pratyusha got worked up and angry, and would pick a fight with her," Saxena said. "She kept telling Pratyusha to give her money to the parents, instead of Rahul. Both Pratyusha and her mother fought bitterly over this."

At the end of each bitter fight, Pratyusha allegedly used to tell her mother to leave her house. "Rahul disliked her parents so much that he even blocked her parents' numbers on Pratyusha's cellphone," said Saxena.

The maid further added that the actress would love Rahul desperately and wanted t marry him at any cost. "Meri sari friends ki shaadi ho gayi, sirf mein hi bachi hoon," Pratyusha once told Sinha. "She wanted to marry Rahul at any cost and spend her entire life with him. She was ready to do anything for this. One day, she told me that she had decided that she would drop the subject and would wait for Rahul to make plans for the wedding on his own," said Renu Sinha.

According to her, Rahul takes control of Pratyusha’s life and did not allow to her to keep contacts with her friends because he doubted that Pratyusha might establish contact with her former boyfriend.