Kailash Kher attempts suicide

Kailash Kher, who mesmerized the audience with the song ‘Allah Ke Bande’ for Arshad Warsi’s film ‘Waise Bhi Hota Hai’, made a shocking revelation that he has gone through low phase in life and at a point he became so depressed that he decided to end his life.

“I had lost a lot of money, and my world had come to a standstill,” he tells us. “I was in depression for a year, and when I couldn’t find any solution, I decided to take my life. In fact, I jumped into the river, but my friend saved me.” And this is how the story unfolds.

Kailash Kher had a struggling childhood. He ran away from his Meerut home at the age of 14 and before making mark in the singing world, Kailash had an export business in Delhi. He reached adulthood doing various odd jobs in Delhi and then started this business. During those periods, the young Kailash faced many problems but faced them with positive attitude.

Recalling those years, he says, “I’ve had everything thrown at me in my life, and I’ve been through really difficult circumstances, because I was all alone. I don’t mean to complain, and say, ‘Look, what all happened with me.’ Everyone has problems in their lives. I never thought to myself, ‘Oh my God, what’s happening to me’, or ‘When will things ever get better’. I just kept on fighting,” he says.

His persistence was paying off. “For someone, who never had a great life, things were getting better,” says Kailash. But suddenly, when he was about 27 years old, disaster struck. “In the blink of an eye, everything just fell apart. I crumbled under it, because I never imagined it would happen,” Kailash adds.

However the singer now feels that attempting suicide was a mistake, at that time, he thought he had “no other option”. He explains, “I had bought a plot of land, thinking I’d get a lot of money from that business deal. My parents lived in a rented house, and after I bought the plot, I was very proud of myself. I thought to myself that I’ve bought my parents their home. But then the deal fell through, and I lost Rs 22 lakh in that deal,” he says. Whatever financial gains he had made all finished.

After his business failed, he get into his father’s occupation, astrology but he failed to flourish and slipped into depression.

After a year, when Kailash couldn’t cope with his state of mind any more, he felt suicidal. The singer says, “I had hit rock bottom. I used to stay away from everyone. One day, I was on one of the ghats [in Rishikesh], and the Ganga was flowing next to me. As I was thinking about what had happened over the past year, I just let go of the chain and jumped into the river.” But that wasn’t his day to die. “A friend of mine [who was nearby] thought I had slipped into the river, and he jumped in to save my life,” says Kailash. “Had he not seen me and saved me, I wouldn’t be talking to you today.”

Sixteen years after that attempt and with so many chartbusters under arms, Kailash has realised that trying to end his life wasn’t the right thing to do. He says, “If I were to go back in time, to meet my 28-year-old self, who was about to take the plunge, I would stop him, and say I don’t have any right to take my life. If I don’t have the right to decide what happens for me in future, or how my life will turn out, then I don’t have the right to take this life either. My life belongs to the Almighty. Only he can decide when it’s time to go.”