Shiv Sena demands apology from writer Shobhaa De

Sena legislator Pratap Sarnaik demands apology from writer Sbobhaa De. He has moved a notice demanding apology from the writer for her derogatory remarks against chief minister (Devendra Fadnavis) and the people of the state. He claimed that Shobhaa De has insulted Maharashtra.

Shobhaa in a series of tweets criticise the government's decision to give compulsory prime time slots in multiplexes for Marathi movies.

Sena legislator Pratap Sarnaik told media persons that he moved a notice of privilege motion against the writer, seeking an apology for her unpleasant remarks.

In response to the apology, the writer on Wednesday tweeted: "Now a privilege motion demanding an apology from me? Come on! I am a proud Maharashtrian and love Marathi films. Always have. Always will!"

When Chief Minister of Maharashtra Devendra Fadnavis has decided to allot time slot for Marathi movies in theatres from 6-9, Shobhaa De slammed the decision by posting some funny and insulting tweets.

"No more pop corn at multiplexes in Mumbai? Dahi missal and vada pav only. To go better with the Marathi movies at prime time," De tweeted.

The writer posted a series of tweets on Tuesday night.One of them said: "Devendra Fadnavis is at it again!!! From beef to movies. This is not the Maharashtra we all love! Nako! Nako! Yeh sab roko! I love Marathi movies. Let me decide when and where to watch them, Devendra Fadnavis. This is nothing but Dadagiri."

She posted another tweet: "Bollywood divided over compulsory prime time screening of Marathi films in multiplexes."

Media person, activist and television personality Nikhil Wagle backs the writer, calling the privilege motion against her was a "joke".

"Privilege motion against Shobhaa De is a joke. She has every right to criticise the government decision to block prime slot for Marathi films," Wagle said on Wednesday.