Shirish Kunder booted out of Salman’s movie ‘Kick’

Shirish Kunder’s agonies don’t seem to end.  ‘Joker’, directed by him has turned out to be a disaster. Now the news has come that producer Sajid Nadiawala has himself decided to direct his movie ‘Kick’, booting out Shirish. A source close to Sajid said, “Sajid and Shirish had a chat. The project, ‘Kick’ had always been Sajid’s baby. Shirish thought it would be better if the producer called the shots himself.”

‘Kick’ stars the hit pair of Salman Khan and Sonakshi Sinha. It is producer Sajid’s pet project. He has penned the script himself and holds this one very close to his heart. Shirish’s film ‘Joker’ hasn’t been received well by critics and audiences. In the recent past we have seen movies like ‘Rowdy Rathore’ and ‘Ek tha Tiger’ which were shunned by critics but have gone to do well at the box office. Shirish wasn’t that lucky.

‘Joker’ which was a story of a village, Paglapur, which is not recognized by even the government of India. Akshay Kumar, an unsuccessful scientist is moved by his village’s plight. He fakes to the world about aliens present in village. This leads to media attention and subsequent recognition of his village.

Though, the concept of the movie is good. Dealing with impoverished state of our villages, the way it has been dealt is quite shabby. The implementation of the plot has left much more to be desired.

Akshay, who had produced the movie, understood it will not work. He was seen at a children dance show on TV, promoting his film ‘Oh My God’, but not ‘Joker’. A source said, “Akshay was not happy with Shirish’s depiction of the story since the very beginning and so, he has now left the project alone. He does not want to associate with it.”

Meanwhile ‘Kick’ has generated quite a lot of interest. After the super successful ‘Ek Tha Tiger’, it is assumed that the Midas touch of Sallu Bhai would spread to ‘Kick’ also. Bhai plays the role of a person who likes challenges in this movie.  He requires a ‘Kick’, that is something of a push to do anything. A usual motivation which makes him do extraordinary things. Like he drinks milk and he had a glass of whisky. His lady love is Sonakshi Sinha. She is said to be in her most glamorous self in this movie.

Hope Salman and Sonakshi repeat the magic once again.