Shiney’s wife still hopeful about Shiney

Shiney Ahuja’s bail plea has been rejected by the court on July 8 but Anupam Ahuja (Shiney’s wife) is still hopeful about her husband’s quick release. Though almost all evidence speaks against Shiney, Anupam still believes that her husband is innocent and will get out of the jail very soon.

Anupam said that she strongly believe in the power of God and knows very well that they will get out of the crisis period very soon. Speaking about the rejection of the second bail application, Anupam said, "Yes, it has been rejected. Shiney and I have both surrendered to the will of God. We both know the final verdict will come from up there. We also have faith that we'll come out of this, stronger and closer to each other than ever before".

The police opposed Shiney’s bail application saying that if released, Shiney might tamper with the evidence or may intimidate the maid. Currently, the actor is under judicial custody and he will be there till July 16.