Shiney raped his maid, DNA test confirms

The result of the DNA test of Shiney Ahuja has been announced and it showed that the actor had sexual intercourse with his maid servant forcefully. With proper investigation of the samples collected from Shiney’s house and after a week study of Shiney’s blood sample, the forensic department has come to the conclusion that he had a physical relationship with the maid. Police now feel that there is enough evidence against the actor to put him behind bars.

The blood samples of Shiney clearly showed that he was not drunk or under the influence of any intoxicating substance at the time of committing the sin but was in full sense. If the decision of the court goes against Shiney which is quite possible then he will have to serve jail for more than seven years. 

On interrogation, Shiney confessed that he had consensual sex with his maid. Case has been filed against him when his maid lodged a complaint against the actor. The actor is presently in judicial custody and will be there till July 2.