Shiney at Hijack Promotion

Shiney Ahuja at Hijack Promotion


Shiney Ahuja received due praise for his performances in his earlier films. He has been able to get his hands on a few meaty roles. So why are the big banners and big producers not queuing up outside your door, Shiney? He is also one of the few actors who has entered the industry with a marital status. But Mrs. Ahuja remains mysterious and apparently lives in the US, so is this a new tactic to boost one’s acting career?


Shiney Ahuja at Hijack movie promotion


Shiney’s co-stars of other films, Kangana Ranaut and Preity Zinta have had a problem with his high handed attitude on the sets. So did Shiney try to Hijack the film from co-stars Esha Deol and Mona Amegaonkar this time too, so was this the reason for their absence from the promotion of the film?


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