Shiney Ahuja finds no actress

Rape accused Shiney Ahuja resume his Bollywood career but he finds no actress to star opposite him. Recently, actress Vaishali Desai walked out of Shiney starred film, ‘Shunya’ following the dirty accusation in his behavior. At first, she agreed to act in the film because the role of the lead actor was offered to Adhyayan Suman but when the role went to Shiney, she expressed her opinion and said no to the project.

Shiney wanted to make a fresh start but looking at his dirty manner no actress in Bollywood are keen to associate with him. Last year, he was charged with dirty accusation of raping his housemaid. ‘Shunya’ will be produced by Pooja Bedi’s niece Bobby Bedi.

Vaishali was keen to associate with the project but when she came to know that instead of Adhyayan, Shiney will enact the role, she bade adieu to the venture. A source close to her reveals, "She comes from a very conservative background and doesn't want to be associated with Shiney. She reasoned that she wouldn't be comfortable working with him. She thought it would be a bad move for her to be cast opposite him."

Vaishali confirms that she no longer associated with the film. "I have opted out of Shunya, and it's because of some personal reasons I don't wish to reveal. It's true that the film was first offered to Adhyayan, but later on they decided to go ahead with Shiney."