Shilpa to donate money for every six

Shilpa Shetty and her boyfriend Raj Kundra is the co-owner of Rajasthan Royals, the winner of last year IPL. After owing the team, Shilpa set to adopt new ways of promoting her team. She is in upbeat mood these days working to lift up the morale of the team. Though cricket she will raise fund for the four villages that she had adopted. Shilpa Shetty announced that she will donate rupees six thousand on every six that her Royals will strike. This money will lighten up the villages across the country. She will invest in solar-power plant.

A friend of the actress reveals, "Shilpa has started Shilpa Shetty Foundation (SSF) as she wants to make sure that the money raised for charity reaches out actually to the people concerned and is not misused. She intends to put whatever money she raises into this foundation.

Shilpa will also shoot pictures and videos of the progress made and put them up on her website. She wants to donate to her two pet causes the upliftment of children and their education. She feels God has given her so much she needs to do her bit towards charity."

She admits, "The cause is really good. I couldn't believe that there are still villages that don't have electricity. This money will go to provide solar lamps on behalf of NDTV and us."