Shilpa spills the beam about Salman, Sangeeta

Salman Khan always poked jokes, had fun with his celebrity guests on ‘Dus Ka Dum’ but never get too personal. Recently, he was left in the most embarrassing situation when Shilpa Shetty spilled the beam that during the days when Salman used to date Sangeeta Bijlani (Wife of former cricketer Azharuddin), he used to strip into Sangeeta’s tights under his jeans for better fittings.

“Shilpa and Salman share a warm rapport for years and that was very evident as Salman did not react at all when she took his ex-girlfriend Sangeeta Bijlani`s name and Salman never speaks about his ex-flames in public as they are all settled in life. He does not want to bring them into unnecessary debates, discussions and controversies”, says a source.

The hot-headed Salman handled the awkward comment in a very sporty way and did not loose his temper as he was doing a show and was being watched by number of audience in the studio.

Shilpa got a chance to reveal the funny incident after Salman poked jokes on her, he said, “Shah Rukh Khan had thrown her off a building and she had bounced back and is still here.” It was in response to the joke that the long legged actress reacted and spoke out, “Salman was such a skinny guy those days. He was so embarrassed of his thin legs that he used to wear Sangeeta`s tights under his jeans to get a better fit.”