Shilpa Shetty slays in Banarasi gown at India Couture Week

Shilpa Shetty turns goddess as she walks the ramp for designer Monisha Jaising at the India Couture Week (ICW) 2017.

Draped in Banarsi gown, the fitness freak actress just rocked the ramp. The actress said that she did a lot of mistakes in her career and learnt a lot from them.
She quipped that earlier she would blind follow the trend but over the years she has learnt to follow her own style and taste. 

"I try to do different stuff and I think that's the common thread between Monisha and me. Also, she likes to be a trendsetter and not a trend follower and I totally understand it. So, I'll rather not do what somebody has done and than follow that trend blindly. Style has to be very personal. And I've made a lot of mistakes in my career. But you learn. And experience is something that cannot be brought. I love the fact that I've learnt from my own mistakes as it has made me wiser," Shilpa said in an interview.

"I think this is (dress) like a take on the Indian sari. They used brocade and they modernised it. I love Indian attires especially the saris so much. You can do so much with it and the most beautiful aspect about the sari is that it's timeless and will never go out of style. It can make a statement anywhere."

The actress got stuck on the ramp but Shilpa feels it happens. 

"The ramp had a couple of nails so the thing got stuck but I think it happens. The beauty of this garment is that it just got that spring in my steps and I was like, 'Yes here I am', and then that nail was trying to get me down. But I enjoyed doing this".

"Style has to be very personal. I made lot of mistakes in my career but you learn. Experience is something that can not be brought and I love the fact that I have learnt from my own mistakes I have seen that, I went through it and I learnt," Shilpa told reporters when asked that how her style has evolved over the years.

Shilpa Shetty says she shares a lot of similarity with the designer apart from being a "Gemini" born individual.

"I try to do different and I think that is the common thread between the designer and me, and the other thing that is common between us is the fact she likes to be a trend setter not trend follower," said Shilpa.

"I totally understand that feeling. I would rather not do things if somebody has done it than just follow that trend blindly," she added.
shilpa shetty
shilpa shetty
shilpa shetty