Shilpa Shetty’s first photo shoot post Viaan’s birth

Shilpa Shetty took no time in losing weight post her baby birth. She has shed 18 kilos in 3 months and still working to touch her target 1 kilos and 200 grams. She has shot her first photo shoot for ‘Prevention’ post Viaan's birth and the actress is nervous as well as ecstatic to face the camera for photo shoot after a long time.

It took barely 10 months for new mom Shilpa to get back into shape and when asked how it all became possible, she will million dollar smiles said, "I'm glad to be back in my old jeans," she giggles. "And I feel so proud that I'm shooting for a health magazine today when until two months ago, no clothes fit me."

Shilpa's shed almost 20 kilos (she calls it the 'Viaan fat') within 10 months of giving birth to her son. "I have 1 kilo to go," she says, she did not want to give credit to her genes for her active metabolism. "It's not fair to say it's only because of my genes. Yes, I do have my father's athletic genes and a good metabolism, but this weight loss is mostly due to my effort," says the actress, dance show judge and entrepreneur.

Shilpa whose baby will turn one this May said that her body worked very hard to deliver a baby and now she wants to get back to her slim, sexy figure for which she is known as. Though works keep her busy, Shilpa selects her timings according to the convenience of her baby.

"Everything changed after Viaan was born. Everything revolves around our son now. Our day begins and ends with him, Raj and I both put our son first. So if I've to be at work one day, Raj brings his meetings home." When she returned home with her baby, Shilpa gained another 5 kilos. "I ate things made with ghee and drank whole milk. Like most mothers, my attitude was old school-baby comes first.", she quips.

She began her weight-loss and fitness programme after her son turned five months. It began with an hour of CrossFit four times a week and yoga once a week.