Shilpa Shetty turns 42, Raj to take Shilpa for a romantic dinner

As Shilpa Shetty turns 42 today, she has gifted herself a spa visit. Her husband Raj also planned to take his darling wife to a romantic dinner and the couple has decided to keep with simple with a get-together with few friends.

Shilpa Shetty, who starred in movies like ‘Baazigar’, ‘Life in a... Metro’ ‘Apne’, ‘Main Khiladi Tu Anari’ said that she never been bothered by age. “I?have always taken it in my stride and have aged gracefully. You can’t stop the ageing process , but you can choose how you want to age, with healthy choices,” says Shilpa.

The actor has decided to keep her birthday this year, “We’re keeping it simple since I’m leaving for my yearly summer break in London soon and I need to finish pending work. Some close friends will come over at home for a home-cooked lunch to ring in my birthday. In the evening, dinner will be with my hubby (Raj Kundra), wherever he takes me,” says Shilpa.

Her son Viaan is excited about mom’s birthday celebrations. “Now he’s five, so he gets very excited with birthdays,” says Shilpa. “He’ll make me a card and give me more kisses and that will make my day and year.”

This birthday Shilpa will also take time out for herself. “This year, I’ve gifted myself a week of me-time. I’ve been very busy working and I’m looking forward to a week of detox at the Viva Mayr (spa clinic in Austria)... and then papa will take over son duty,” she says.

Talking about her best birthday memories, Shilpa recalled the surprise birthday planed by her hubby two years back. “My best birthday memory is Montenegro (on the Adriatic coast) where Raj planned my 40th with a few close friends and family. It was a complete surprise and I was in shock at how he and my friends all managed to keep it a secret. Raj had planned it for over 10 months,” says Shilpa.

Well, her fans make the day special for her, too. “They send me lots of love. Earlier, I used to get a lot of fan mail, but now, in this time of social media, I get all their love through Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, and I value it,” she says.