Shilpa Shetty to enact real life Big Brother role in 'The Man'

Shilpa Shetty achieved international acclaim after her real life stint in the UK based reality show 'Big Brother'. The Indian actress whose career was dwindling back home received a boost when she was made the butt of racist remarks on the Big Brother show . However after she won the show, her dwindling stardom has risen on the international front. Now Shilpa has also signed her first film after Big Brother which will also be based on her real life Big Brother experience.
After Big Brother, Shilpa was seen in two films, Metro and Apne, but she had signed these films prior to Big Brother. Now after her victory in Big Brother, Shilpa's international career has been revived in a big way, she has launched her own brand of perfumes in London, she is thinking of setting up a chain of restaurants out there and she was also seen performing a bollywood Broadway musical in several countries across the globe. Now Shilpa has also signed her first bollywood film after Big Brother back home. The film titled 'The Man' will be produced by Sunny Deol and has been written by Neeraj Pathak. In the film Shilpa will play a star who suddenly shoots to international fame, the film will also feature real life incidents from Shilpa's Big Brother stay.

Writer Neeraj Pathak says 'Shilpa is currently a big star in the international scene. In a way this film will also be a tribute to Shilpa. In 'The Man', she plays a popular international star. We have decided to use real-life footage of Shilpa's experiences after she won the Big Brother contest.' However Shilpa was a bit reluctant to commit to this film at first as she had a contract with another production house. However after she heard the script and found it to be like an autobiography of her life, she agreed to do it. After Apne where Shilpa was seen opposite Sunny Deol, once again she will be seen opposite him and he will also be directing this film.