Shilpa Shetty steps out with son Viaan

The new doting mother Shilpa Shetty steps out of the house with her new born son Viaan. Ever since Viaan was born, Shilpa has been confined to her house looking after her son but on Saturday, she took time off from motherhood activities and stepped out with Viaan.

Shilpa took Viaan to a temple. In 40 days, Shilpa first stepped out of the house. She tweeted, “Stepped out of the house 1st time after 40 days to take Viaan to the temple today. How time flies...strangely didn’t miss going out!”

Shilpa and Raj welcomed their first child on May 21, 2012. Few days back, Shilpa tweeted of how Viaan deprives her of sleep. “Tweetos, I kno I have been twitter lazy. Son keeps me busy. Dunno hw times flown!Sleep deprived and look like a zombie bt Viaan is joy personified!"

She further tweeted, “Being a mother is a full time job! One hs 2 be ready 2 give 25hrs a day 2 the baby or don’t do it! Amazin hw r mothers did it without any help”.

Shilpa Shetty also praised all those mothers who single-handed bring up their child and at the same time manages their work. She tweeted, “Glad I have the luxury of time to take off but hats off 2 those moms who multitask home chores/work after a baby single-handedly. Phew!!"

Describing Viaan’s looks, Shilpa said that Viaan looks a little bit of her and a little bit of Raj.

Currently, Shilpa is enjoying motherhood and she is in no hurry to get back into shape.