Shilpa Shetty set to do a Broadway musical

Big Brother seems to have worked wonders for actress Shilpa shetty's career.The popular British television show has given the actress alot of publicity and though this has not made much difference to her dormant bollywood career, she is receiving several other offers.Now there's news that Shilpa is all set to do a a huge bollywood style musical extravanganza on broadway.The musical will be on the lines of the super hit musical Bollywood Dreams.
Shilpa is extremely excited and says "It's going to be an Indian musical on the lines of Bollywood is a hugely ambitious musical and I'm very excited.I have always wanted to do something of this sort and this my chance." The project will be done on a huge scale and will cater to both Indian and western audiences.The musical extravaganza will be produced by Farhat Hussein and for the first time a bollywood celecrity will involved in this huge production.Shilpa is already a popular figure in the UK and hence the musical will receive a fare share of publicity.The production will be staged for three months in England and then as per the response it will also be staged in the US and Australia.Bollywood is gradually gaining popularity in the West and the musical will only add to this.Shilpa also claims that there are several other projects in the pipeline,including films in bollywood and in Britain. Shilpa is also busy completing Anurag Basu's film Metro which s slated to release this year.

Shilpa also recently was a guest speaker held in the UK on Commonwealth day.She spoke on various social problems like Aids and racial discrimination.The function was attended by Queen Elizabeth.Shilpa is extremely excited to do the different kind of work that she is now being approached to do as it gives her a hance to explore different and new avenues.