Shilpa Shetty’s racial woes and other travails in Big Brother

Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty was extremely thrilled after being the only bollywood celebrity to be approached to be part of the UK based reality TV show, Big Brother . Shilpa also managed to clinch an ideal package estimated to be around Rs.3 crore for the show. When Shilpa entered the show she had great expectations of having fun and bonding, but now Miss Shetty is soon realizing that living with eight other celebrities night and day in a secluded house is no easy feat. From the time Shilpa has entered the ‘Big Brother’ home she has been plagued with problems, from the other celebrities making no attempt to pronounce her name correctly to the more serious problem of racial comments being passed about her.
Shilpa Shetty was brought on the show to increase the TRP’s amongst Asian viewers in the UK which she has managed to do to quite an extent, also she is considered one of the top contenders for the show, and hence this has not gone down well with the other contenders. Many of the other celebrities have read about the exorbitant amount that Shilpa is supposedly being paid to be a part of the show which could also be the reason for their jealousy. Shilpa on her part was keen to take up this international project as it would mean a new innings for her on the international scene. Apart from having to indulge in several tasks set up by Big Brother, the housemates are expected to make several compromises in their lifestyle. It was reported that Shilpa had refused to take a bath during the first few days at the house of the ‘Big Brother’ as she was suspicious that there were hidden cameras in the bathroom. It took a long time for the other celebrities to convince Shilpa that there were voice recorders in the bathroom but no hidden cameras.

But the height of Shilpa’s problems came when she was referred to as the ‘F…. Pakistani’ by one of the housemates, a ‘dog’ by another and even the ‘Indian’ by one. These racial remarks were clearly too much for our bollywood damsel who had reportedly broken down and cried on the shoulder of one supporting housemate. British Asians and many back home in India are uptight about the racial abuse on the show, however the channel claims that it is nothing but ‘girly rivalry’ and ‘bitching’. Well apart from this, there is also the romantic angle between Shilpa and Dirk one of the housemates which is keeping the viewers glued to the happenings of the show. Well Shilpa is trying to keep herself mentally and physically fit by working out and practicing yoga for peace of mind. Hopefully all this will help her to combat the stress at the secluded house of Big Brother.