Shilpa Shetty meets Arnold Schwarzenegger in Macau

Even Bollywood celebrities can be star struck and that is what happened to the sizzling actress Shilpa Shetty when she met the Hollywood hunk Arnold Schwarzenegger on a trip. The thirty nine year old actress had been visiting Macau in China with her businessman husband Raj Kundra. The trip was to celebrate the anniversary of the couple.

They dropped in to catch the fight between Manny Pacquiao and Chris Algieri. This boxing match had attracted a lot of attention worldwide and the distinguished audience included Arnold Schwarzenegger and his one time rival Sylvester Stallone too. Shilpa was very excited to meet the sixty seven year old Hollywood action star and took a number of snaps. She posted many of the photographs on the micro blogging site, Twitter.

“At the #MannyPacquiao fight in Macau, ringside;) doesn’t get better than this! @TheRajKundra ure anniversary present,” tweeted the actress. ”What a wonderful experience and yes that is #Arnold and #Sylvester behind us! We are the Expendables!  haha,” continued the tweet. This was accompanied by another picture where Shilpa and her husband Raj are shown in front with Schwarzenegger and Stallone in the background. The excitement of meeting the stars can be easily seen from these photos. The final photograph showed Shilpa with Arnold and she captioned the picture as follows: "With the one and only Schwarzenegger at the #PacAlgieri main event."

While it was definitely a very exciting moment for Shilpa, she is not the only Bollywood actress to have such an exuberant reaction. Arnold had recently visited India to speak at a leadership summit organized by Hindustan Times. He met with actor Aamir Khan who also had a similar star struck reaction. Though unlike Shilpa, he had not posted a selfie, Aamir was heard to exclaim, “I’m a huge fan! And I love him not only for his body, but also for his movies. I think he’s an underrated actor!”

Schwarzenegger along with Stallone had been visiting Macau to watch the much hyped fight between Chris Algieri and Manny Pacquiao. This was a fight for the World Boxing Organization welterweight championship title. In addition to these stars, several other international celebrities were present to watch the fight. The distinguished list included rapper Andrew E Cavite, action star Philip Salvador and Vice Governor Jolo Revilla. Both Schwarzenegger and Stallone were excited to see this epic fight and even visited the boxing star in his dressing room before the fight.
shilpa shetty
shilpa shetty