Shilpa Shetty hurts her foot

Long legged actress Shilpa Shetty injured her foot as she walked with big sunglasses. She cursed her sunglasses for the injury. Shilpa was very much depressed as the mishap had delayed the shooting of her international project 'Desire'.

Describing her injury, she said, "I hurt my foot bad enough to get 15 stitches… don't ask me how. In a freak accident, thanks to my big sunglasses and nose in the air, I overlooked a sharp metal piece that slit my foot, thankfully not below but over the foot."

"It is nothing that local anaesthesia, a tetanus injection and antibiotics couldn't solve. There's nothing to worry about other than my dates that have gone for a toss, disabling me from taking Odissi lessons for my new film 'Desire', she added.

After flaunting her sexy figure in Dostana, she has been roped in by a Chinese production where she will get to act with Chinese actor Xia Yu. Hope Shilpa get well soon and resume her work.